Living Map

The power of a Living Map

Convenience and power at your fingertips:

SkyCourse maps are not only the most accurate in golf, we've put them
online with powerful tools to help you manage your course.

SkyCourse includes separate map layers for tees, fairways, greens, bunkers and more. Course superintendents can use the point-and-click tools right out of the box to view, measure, or add more data on course conditions.

Built on top of a GEO database*, SkyCourse allows you to keep your living
map up to date. It also allows you to save data, photos, spray programs
and inventory information.

*The GEO database captures, stores, analyzes, manages and
presents data about your course map.

Boost your productivity:

There is no technology to manage, and you can quickly generate
customized maps, budgets, reports, and work orders that make your job
easier. Whether it's communicating with staff or presenting to the greens
committee, SkyCourse helps you do more with less effort.

Keep it all current:

Now, proposed and actual course changes can be managed in SkyCourse.
By renting or buying a SkyCourse mapper device, you can quickly and easily
walk the course improvements yourself and upload them to a new layer
on your map. Learn more »

SkyCourse eliminates guesswork, increases collaboration and gives you the
tools to demonstrate, manage and share course changes and tasks.